Woman Shows Off Dramatic Results Of Her Breast Reduction Surgery Leaving Her 2st Lighter

For most women with large b**bs, having a reduction can feel like having a weight lifted off their chest. It can undeniably relieve them from years of back, shoulder, and neck pain. Similarly, it will help relieve rashes on the chest and not to mention the limited clothing options. Can you relate to the mentioned above?


Dani Perez recently had a breast reduction surgery, and it has since then left her 2st lighter.





One of among the numerous is Dani Perez, a TikToker who recently underwent breast reduction surgery. Taking to the platform, Dani shared her incredible results, which has now left her feeling like a whole different person. In a short clip, she flaunted her new look with a hot image of her before vs. after the operation.


She took to TikTok to share her new look with a hot image of her before vs. after the operation.






I had a whole personality change ##breastreductionsurgery ##beforeandafter ##glowup ##breakupglowup ##30lbsdown ##ImAGhost

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The clip captioned: “I had a whole personality change,” with the hashtag #breastreductionsurgery, saw the influencer in a strappy top and tracksuit bottoms as showed the camera her large pre-operation breasts from a numerous angle. Then, she did a playful jump, and the video cuts into her post-operation, where she showed a more petite frame and smaller breasts.


Here’s Dani in strappy top and tracksuits bottoms before the operation.





perezdaniela0 via TikTok

In the after photos, she showed a more petite frame and smaller breasts in numerous angles.





In particular, women with big breasts naturally get unwanted attention. Some men regularly make comments, and when out in public, a few women have shared their experiences of being grabbed inappropriately. Apart from this, having big breasts can result in severe and long-term health risks. However, Dani’s post has divided opinions, but many women said they would like to do the same.


Many of her followers, particularly women, were impressed and have said they would like to do the same.





perezdaniela0 via TikTok

Isn’t she gorgeous in them?





“I wish I could have done this.” One person wrote while another added: “Yeassss girl good for you I loved when I got mine it changes so much.” Some people were left unimpressed and in disapproval of the change, but fortunately, fans defended Dani. “The worst part is that people will get mad at you for this. It’s like, oh, I don’t see you with the back pain, you know? [sic].”