They Saw A Subway Rider With A Kitten But His Reaction Is What Has People Talking

Although we may have many things that we appreciate about life, I think that most of us would agree that little animals really have a place in our lives that hold a very special spot. Anytime we have the opportunity to care for these animals and to do the right thing in that regard, we take that opportunity and run with it. In fact, we love animals so much that even if we see somebody else that is doing a kind thing for a furry little critter, it makes our heart feel good. That is what this story is all about and when you see what a man did on the subway, you can’t help but feel good about it. It was an incredible thing to see and fortunately, there was somebody there who was taking pictures.

Gillian Rogers was the person who was on the subway in New York City when she saw someone else in the subway car. It isn’t unusual to be in a subway car with someone else, but when she saw that the man was sitting there with a kitten on his lap, it was love at first sight. In speaking with The Dodo, she said that it felt as if her heart was going to explode when she saw somebody who cared that much about animals. After all, the man was sitting there feeding the little kitten with a bottle and he was in the moment, according to her words. She watched for a little while and she knew that she had to learn a little bit more about the situation. She had already taken some pictures, but she decided it would be a good idea to have a chat with him.

It seems as if the man found the kitten alone between two buildings and knew that he had to step in for the welfare of the little creature. Rather than leaving the cat there, he rescued her and decided to keep her warm and well-fed. The kitten was even looking up at him as she was eating, and it warms all of our hearts to see the pictures.


Before long, the subway came to a stop and it was time for the man to leave. They parted ways but they were able to share a special moment together that was unlike any other.