eSports & TikTok: brands are betting on new platforms to impact young audiences

Introducing new platforms such as eSports or TikTok in communication strategies with creativity and innovation as the flagship is key to impacting the youngest segments of society and future consumers. This has been one of the main conclusions of the last Everclub, the space for debate created by Evercom Life two years ago to generate networking between marketing and communication directors of the consumer sector and analyze the latest trends in the different consumer, financial, and consumer sectors. corporate and B2B.

This new edition, organized in webinar format, has been held under the title New Platforms: TikTok & eSports and has had the collaboration of Fernando Piquer, CEO of Movistar Riders; Jorge Amor, content creator with 1 million followers on TikTok and 285K on Instagram; David Amodeo, Digital Marketing Manager of La Casa de Las Carcasas and Irene de la Casa, director of the Evercom Life division. At the round table, participants talked about new trends and the platforms that are currently growing the most: eSports and TikTok.

Specifically, the CEO of Movistar Riders analyzed the success of eSports as a natural evolution: “just as when a person played very well on arcade machines, people gathered around him to watch him play, nowadays the technological development and the The emergence of streaming platforms has made talents who play very well have a large audience and, therefore, an industry is generated around this. ”

During the meeting, they also delved into the keys to the success of TikTok, a social network that has not stopped growing since the pandemic. In this sense, Jorge Amor highlighted the “TikTok algorithm is a beast and allows everyone, regardless of their followers, to create viral content. In fact, Instagram, due to the success of TikTok has launched the” reels “for that its users can create content in the same way. ”

Two key platforms to impact young audiences

Platforms such as TikTok or eSports broadcasts through Twitch stand out for having a very high engament because the brands that are found on them are present in a passion of the audience or share a moment of leisure. Fernando Piquer stressed that, in the case of eSports, it is also an environment where the presence of brands is not yet massive, so it is easier to generate memories in the audiences: “eSports, in that sense, are key to impact certain age targets that are not in the most traditional media. It is a sector in which brands have a great quantitative and qualitative return since they create differential and innovative content and the audience perceives it as entertainment, so the brand recall increases. ”

For her part, Irene de la Casa contributed her expertise in how to integrate them into communication strategies to guarantee success: “The new platforms are still just another channel that allows us to interact and gain presence in our target audiences. Public relations in any channel they are still the most natural way to be present and, nowadays, no brand can miss the opportunities offered by these new platforms through activations and by segmenting the audiences you want to target very well. ”

Brand-content creators tandem: the key to success beyond platforms
After commenting on the latest trends in these new platforms, the three speakers were able to contribute their views on how to make a communication campaign on these new platforms successful. Jorge Amor stressed that, beyond the supports, to guarantee the proper functioning of a campaign on Instagram or TikTok it is essential to listen to the content creator: “The success of our content depends on our audience, therefore we are the influencers or talents, those of us who know best what they are going to like. If brands want the campaign to have great engagement, they must let us adapt their message and be creative. ”

Irene de la Casa corroborated Jorge’s opinion and wanted to emphasize the importance of the previous investigation to define the message and make it credible: “when planning a campaign on these new platforms, there must be a good prior analysis of the creators of content or eSports equipment that allows brands to know their values, the type of content they publish, the audience they have so that it corresponds to the brand’s target … ”

Influencer House Experiece: a content house to impact Gen Z

David Amodeo was in charge of sharing with the attendees the case of Influencer House Experience, an activation of La Casa de Las Carcasas that perfectly illustrates the role that new platforms such as TikTok are acquiring in companies’ strategies. This content house brought together fifteen influencers who created content around La Casa de Las Carcasas. Amoedo pointed out that “these profiles, specifically selected to impact a specific target, created content for TikTok and Instagram around the brand with which we managed to impact 90 million people. To guarantee success, the treatment of each talent it is personalized to create a differential brand-talent relationship and this is seen later in the content they create. “

Written by Kunal Utwani

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