How SEO professionals allocate their time and what they spend more effort on

SEO work is one of the most important work done in the digital marketing team. Web positioning has established itself as one of the key gateways to reach consumers, a crucial way to create market opportunities and brand discovery.

In this field, nothing is left to chance and the decisions made by marketers are key. They need to bet on the key elements, take care that everything is always updating and following the latest trends and position themselves at the forefront. That is why it is so interesting to see how they work.

One of the latest studies on the issue has been prepared by SearchEngineJournal, which has focused on analyzing the work patterns of SEO and web positioning professionals. They have wanted to detect how they distribute their work time and thus establish what is ultimately being prioritized in SEO work.

In general, marketers are focusing on those elements that function as “classics” of SEO and positioning strategy, working on those areas that seem most key, and this leaves little time for other issues, as much as they are equally important. .

Thus, 11.7% of the marketers surveyed admit that they do not spend time doing audience research. 8.67% also do not dedicate time specifically to mobile SEO (while 7% spend all their time with it) and 19.2% recognize that the part of their work day that they invest in on-page optimization it is minimal.

Although only 7% of respondents spend all their time doing technical SEO, only 5.7% do not dedicate time at all. This shows that in one way or another it is seen as essential and something that needs to be worked on to some degree.

What takes the longest

Even so, what takes as long as possible, showing that the passage of time has not reduced its importance in the strategy and the value that marketers give it, is working with keywords.

7.3% of SEO professionals spend all of their productive time doing keyword research. To these must be added the 35.67% who dedicate a moderate time to it and the 38% who dedicate most of their time to it. As they point out in the conclusions of the study, keyword research has become a fundamental element, a key process for SEO professionals to find the way to success.

Likewise, the study data also indicates an area that is growing. Local SEO is increasingly important, as several studies have already repeated, so it is not surprising to discover that the study indicates that it is a growing market. Since more and more companies focus on digital marketing – one of the effects of the pandemic – this type of positioning is also being worked more.

In the study, they point out that technical SEO should occupy more prominent positions on the list. That is, marketers should spend more time on it. However, the fact that it requires a higher initial investment – and that SEO work is often left to outsiders – could explain why this does not happen.

Written by Kunal Utwani

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