Contents, loading speed or keywords: before launching into the latter, a good foundation must be laid in the SEO strategy

Marketers must start from good pillars that maintain the basic elements

Positioning yourself on Google is one of the basic pieces of digital marketing. A good web positioning strategy is key to potentially reaching audiences and, while other online marketing scenarios have been losing steam (at least organic …), SEO has been recovering its status as a central element. Marketers care more about it and invest more in this area.

But when it comes to SEO and positioning work, marketers shouldn’t make the mistake of starting, as the saying goes, to house on the roof. Before launching into the conquest of the latest trends and tackling the latest advances, you have to be very clear about what the base should be. A solid base of work will be the one that allows to advance to higher levels in positioning strategy.

And what should be the basis of a good SEO strategy? In an analysis of Marketing Profs they give five guidelines on which every marketer must work.

Keep an eye on your competition

It is perhaps one of the elements that may seem most obvious in the recommendations, but it never hurts to remember them because they tend to forget it. In the battle to position itself in the market, it is not only what the brand itself does, but also what its competitors do.

Therefore, it is important to be attentive to their movements and study which keywords they use and which ones allow them to position themselves ahead of the company itself. Following your keywords and your SEO strategy allows you to better understand what position each one occupies in the ecosystem of your own industry.

Take care of your content: always

In addition, it is not only important to know what others are doing, but also to take care of what is done from one’s own position. The important thing is not only to use the right keywords or position yourself in the right environment, but also to take maximum care of the content that is offered.

Think like a means of communication, which means publishing high-quality content that is informative. They must be good, so that those who visit them appreciate them but also so that Google value them.

Work SEO on each page

Or what is the same, you not only have to have a general strategy but a careful and specific one. It should be monitored that the positioning recommendations are met on each of the pages that is written. Titles, meta descriptions, urls, subtitles, and other elements are crucial.

Do not forget the backlinks

The link building strategy is essential, but it is not worth linking by linking. Google does not buy links by weight, but those that have a certain quality and that really work, that are organic.

Poor loading speed can weigh down all the work

And, finally, all this is worth very little if the web of the page is not taken care of. A bad charging speed will have a negative impact and will neutralize all the benefits that could be obtained from other routes.

Above all, when working on loading speed, it is important to forget that visitors – and the Google robot – can arrive from different spaces. You have to have a fast loading speed on computer and mobile.

Written by Kunal Utwani

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