Consumers want fast and agile customer service, while brands can take up to days to respond to their comments

There are sectors that directly no longer read the comments made by consumers on social media

The difference between the success and failure of companies and brands is in increasingly specific elements. The border that can lead in one direction or the other also increasingly involves navigating narrower lines of separation. Companies must adjust their movements very well and work with all of this in mind.

Customer service and consumer experience are one of the most important elements, because buyers value them in a special way and because a good experience has a very high return. It makes consumers more loyal and loyal and helps improve returns.

The companies are very clear about it, at least from a theoretical point of view. From a practical point of view, things are not so simple and studies have shown that brands do not always do their homework and are neglecting their positions in these territories.

The latest study on the issue has been prepared by Sprinklr, which has delved into the digital consumer experience in various industries and has reached a final overall conclusion for all of them. Although not all industries are the same and not all situations are the same, what is clear is that there is room for improvement in all of them.

Consumers want companies to be quick to respond to their questions and problems, but also to have a personalized approach. That is, generic messages are very frustrating and do not work. The pandemic has only sped things up and led consumers to have even higher expectations of what brands should do.

However, as much as consumers expect these behavior patterns from brands, this is not what ends up happening. Companies are very slow when it comes to processing requests for information in environments such as social networks, if they actually process them.

Response time: slow

How long do companies take to respond to consumers? Things vary by vertical, but generally you can wait hours. Retail companies respond in a matter of about 5 hours, which is what half of the brands in this sector do.

Very fast retail brands are a minority: only 18% respond in less than half an hour. They are not the worst. 64% of pharmaceutical companies take more than a week to respond to messages that consumers leave them on social networks.

To this we must add that many brands do not directly do social listening. They are not listening to what consumers are saying about them and therefore cannot respond to their questions and comments. 85% of large media and entertainment companies do social listening, but only 45% of food and beverage companies do so, for example.

Room for improvement

All of this leads to the conclusion that there is room for improvement in all these industries and in all these areas. Whatever vertical it may be and whatever environment they work in, brands can change how they do things and how they connect with their consumers. They need to put more effort into understanding what their consumers are expecting and simply listening to them.

Written by Kunal Utwani

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