21 Photos That Prove We Can See Faces And Shapes Even Where There Are None

Coincidences are part of our life, and sometimes they can appear where we least think. A drop of water, a shape of some object in nature or simply the juxtaposition of random elements can generate silhouettes that remind us of things that are not really.

1. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish”

2. “Today, at work, this potato was sad that I peeled her”

3. “My daughter called me screaming from her room: ‘She is looking at me again'”

4. “The bluetooth speaker that my colleague put on top of the humidifier”

5. “Eggplant nose”

6. “Oh no, not a sandwich!”

7. “It’s very stressful behind my washing machine”

8. A totally stunned pole

9. “A sinister bush outside the leasing office”

10. “This house has had enough”

11. “This lock really looks like a duck”

12. “A cat in my wife’s yogurt”

13. “We found ET in a tree that we cut down”

14. “I caught this fat frog chewing on my cables”

15. “Stop looking at me”

16. “Hat angry at the sun”

17. “Glu, glu, glu, says the cyclops”

18. “Sherlock Holmes”

19. “Chopping sweet potato, can you see the  geisha ?”

20. “Hello!”

21. “I found a witch trapped in a tree while I was walking”

What has been the craziest thing that your imagination has made you see? Do you have a picture of that? Show it in the comments!