The Siblings Couple: He Married His Sister To Save His Family Now They Have 4 Children (Videos)

By xsxe4 Dec 21, 2023

Well, these two are husband and wife, but what if i told you that they are brother and sister?

These are siblings who have been married for years now.

Yes, we all have the same question: on a planet of 7.9 billion people, why would he choose to marry his own sister?

Do they even regret it?

Okay, this is their story a little.

He is called Poland Zairiqua.

He is 28 years old and he lives in the democratic Republic of Congo.

She is called his sister and his wife as well.

She is 26 years old.


They share with us the story of their lives and how this all came about.

Of course, they were born in the same family many years ago, in an area called bonilla.

When they were growing up, there were tribal conflicts in their neighboring area, ituri.

The conflicts got so serious and they followed up until they go to Bonir, where their family lived.

A lot of people were killed and, due to such insecurities, the whole family fled.

When fleeing, each one of them went different directions.

This is how their family got separated and he ran off with his younger sister.

They kept on walking and walking without knowledge of where they were going.

Until later they found themselves in an area known as metis.

Both of them were taken in by a good samaritan who raised them.

They lived in meaty for years and years, until when Pauline decided to go back to Bunir, where his family lived, so that he could look for them.

The old man that had taken in these children asked Pauline if he had transport and he said no, the old man did not have a lot of money, but he paid for him a plane ticket to go back to bonilla and look for his family.

He successfully got there, but due to having fled at a young age, it was very difficult for him to identify any of his relatives, friends, family or even parents.

He kept on moving and asking while looking for them, but he never managed to find anyone.

Pauline later decided to come back to Meeti because he had failed to find his family.

He told the man that raised them that he was not even sure if their family was dead or alive.

When i went back to the village where we were born, no one recognized me.

We had left like a very long time ago and we were still children and we couldn’t even remember what exactly happened.

He also says that up to now he does not know if he will ever manage to find his parents because he left his phone number.

With most of the people that he met in bunia, he told them to call him.

If they ever get to know anything about his parents or siblings or anyone that knew him, he says that ever since then, no one has ever called him.

They grew up and turned into adults.

They had been raised, but now they were old enough to move on and start their own lives.

He spent very many days thinking and he later came up with an idea that he shared with his sister.

He said that since now they were all that were left of their family, the only solution that he could ever come up with was to get married, have children of their own, without anyone else involved.

When he asked me if we can get married, i couldn’t take in what he was trying to say.

I remember i spent over two months not agreeing with him at all.

I thought that he was out of his mind, but he kept on repeating these words each and every day.

I am older than my sister.

When i talked to her for the first time about this, she was shocked.

She never said anything.

She thought that maybe i was drunk and she could not believe what i was saying.

I kept on telling her every day and convincing her more and more.

Unfortunately, she later accepted, and today we think that it is one of the best decisions that we have ever made.

After they both agreed to this, his sister told him that it was going to be so hard to do this in front of the man that raised them.

They were going to get married, yet he knew that both of them were brother and sister.

This was never going to be easy at all, so they had to find a solution.

The Rika told him that they should move to another place that no one knew them.

Only there was where they could get married and move on with life.

We moved from meeting and we came here to Kashigema.

Well, it is where we still live until today.

We had to rent a house where no one knew us so that we could get married.

They later got married and now they live together as husband and wife.

They gave birth to four normal and healthy children and now a family was complete.

They have now been married for ten years.

Their firstborn is eight years old today.

He says that when he looks at these children, they give him a lot of joy and love and they remind him of his lost family.

She says that now their brother and sister relationship ended and their now husband, Wife Pauline, says that he couldn’t ignore the fact that his sister looked exactly like their mother.

This was a face that he always wanted to look at, since it always reminded him about his mother.

We try as much as we can to hide the truth from our children.

We never want them to know that we are siblings.

Honestly, it is something that is very hard to explain to children, especially when they are young, but someday, of course, we have to find a way to surely tell them, maybe when they grow up.

When we started living together, it made me so shy i used not to get out of the house, but now i’m used with living with him as my husband and today i’m not at all shy anymore.

Dorica says that living with her brother as her husband is better, because they are open to each other and they will know their characters as well.

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