From the moment Moses stepped down from Mt. Sinai, the followers of God have been trying to wheel and deal. We want our cake, and by golly, we want to eat it too. We want the acceptance and approval of God, yet still get to scratch that tingly “sin” itch we all have.

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For many Christians, Islam’s holy book is an unfamiliar document that beholds alarming and incomprehensible teachings, many of which directly call for the punishment of “disbelievers”— but undeniably, it also beholds over 50 stories that parallel historical events found in the Bible. While the Quran will never be supported or upheld by Christians, this article will unveil some interesting facts residing within the Quran that, surprisingly, only reaffirms the greatness and power of Christ.


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Within the 114 chapters and 6236 verses in Quran, the name of Prophet Mohammed can only be found in 4 places (Ch. 3:144, Ch. 33:40, Ch. 47:2, Ch. 48:2).


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Conversely, the name of Jesus is mentioned far more than Mohammed. Jesus can be found in the Quran in 25 places.

The Virgin Mary

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No actual women are named in the Koran, except for one—Mary (Mariam), the mother of Jesus. Two entire chapters, Chapter 3 (Family of Mariam) and Chapter 19 (Mariam), are dedicated to the story of Mary. Within these chapters, it explains that Mary is without original sin, was a virgin and went to heaven with her physical body.

Power in the name

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In Chapter 3, verses 45-55, the Quran goes into detail about Jesus. It refers to him in the following names: word of god (Kalimatullaah), spirit of god (Ruh-Allah), Jesus Christ (al-MaseeHu `Eesa). These names hold incredible power, meaning and symbolism.

His Great Works

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The Quran goes on to highlight the many miracles of Jesus, many of which Christians are very familiar with. It details that He created a live bird with mud, cured a man born blind, cured a man with leprosy, how He spoke when He was 2 days old, and how He gave life to the dead. It even documents how Jesus went to heaven, that He is alive and will come again.

No one like Jesus

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On the contrary, the Quran makes no mention that Mohammed is alive, does not mention that he will come back. He is not documented performing miracles and he is not referred to in any special names.

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