Tricky Images That Need Explanation

We love some funny pic, but when we only get tricky images, we certainly need more than one look to understand what is going on.

1. What is happening in this photo, and what IS THAT THING on the table?

Tricky images
© Professor_Bookman / Reddit

2. We had some fun at lake Tahoe this weekend

© Mario_Prime510 / Reddit

3. Ice formed on Jeep

Tricky images
© iPhone-Jailbreak / Reddit

4. I thought these dividers were see-through

© themileboy / Reddit

5. Visiting some family in South Alabama for the holidays; This is in front of McDonald’s.

Tricky images
© Bl**lu**ftw / Reddit

6. Tall building without window

© DKxDK / Reddit

7. 2D building

Tricky images
© AnA***mentPArk / Reddit

8. I thought this truck was driving the wrong way, or so I thought.

© Pouch16 / Reddit

9. One very long arm is coming right up!

Tricky images
© Peppeperoni / Reddit

10. The water in our inflatable pool looks like it’s bulging out

© mister-darcy-tie-me / Reddit

11. The pen isn’t floating. Sorry if this one sucks. I was so excited to see one IRL.

Tricky images
© Mynameisnotmal / Reddit

12. My two Samoyeds in one crate.

© SafetyDang / Reddit

13. Dog trapped under man

Tricky images
© LittleLowkey / Reddit

14. Casual lean on the hill

© MOMismypersonality / Reddit

15. Floating coffee

Tricky images
© Rosssseay / Reddit

Which one of these tricky images took you longer to understand? Tell us in the comments.

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