Rental Homes That Were a Total Disappointment

Not all rental homes are luxurious or comfy as they appear on the listings. Some are a total disappointment when in front of them.

1. Airbnb’s perfect ad placement.

Rental Homes
© iwillupvoteanythingwithacatinnomatterthecontextorage / Imgur

2. $500 per week excluding expenses. Close to shops.

© moogoquack / Imgur

3. I went on a trip several weeks ago to New Orleans, and our Airbnb host didn’t tell us until we landed that the pool was unusable.

Rental Homes
© daxter304 / Reddit

4. Airbnb with a surprise waiting for us

© the_long_grape / Reddit

5. Horror Story. The quickest way to lose $1000!

Rental Homes
© SergeySap / Imgur

6. I reserved an Airbnb with Sea View…. can’t complaint

© weully / Reddit

7. Turns out my VRBO in Hawaii was infested with roaches..customer service deemed it as a “minor issue”

Rental Homes
© tomalva / Reddit

8. This moldy shower curtain is at a prohibitive Vrbo rental near the beach. The bathroom has pink stuff on the walls too.

© boopboop_barry / Reddit

9. Mushrooms growing in the bathroom

Rental Homes
© elbandito / Imgur

10. Our VRBO we rented for spring break this week… and also paid extra for Covid deep cleaning

© Unknown author / Reddit

11. This tv at the Airbnb I’m staying at

Rental Homes
© JustonianD / Reddit

12. After the rain

© oliverullman5 / Imgur

13. Mylènes Apartment Condition

Rental Homes
© GarryWebb / Imgur

14. Well…

© Twinklystein / Imgur

15. Just a bunch of broken sh*t

Rental Homes
© TastyLawn / Imgur

What would you do if you went on vacation and your rental home was like this? Tell us in the comments below.

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