Olivia, 320lbs, Says Men Want Her to Squash Them

320lbs is Olivia’s proud body weight, which she happily flaunts without apology. Despite personal questions, like whether she has broken a toilet seat, Olivia boldly responds with a resounding “Yes!” to all.

On TikTok, Olivia boasts 576k followers and over 5.5m likes.

@oliviasworld95_ / TikTok

She often shares her fashion hauls and makeup tutorials.


The Canadian social media star also enjoys offering fun facts about her life as a plus-size celebrity, such as the attention she receives from people in public.


Olivia embraces her weight and has admitted to receiving requests from people who want her to squash them.


In some of her videos, she proudly shows off her wardrobe collection in an off-the-shoulder dress and black heels, declaring her genuine happiness at her current weight.

She also works out, even though people might doubt it.


Olivia said: “Finally setting the record straight #fatpositive”

Despite being trolled and insulted for her weight, Olivia’s followers have only words of praise for her.

One follower commented: “Do you look good? Yes.”

Another follower wrote: “Omg you are everything I dream to be!”


Do you think people love to criticize anything and everything they see on social media without knowing what or who is behind the screen? What is your thought on Olivia’s lifestyle and mentality? Tell us in the comments.

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