iPhone Codes To Find Out Data Information

iPhone codes are used to find out more about your smartphone data. Some of these combinations can work on Android phones, too.

You can learn a lot about your device and perform many commands in settings. These codes can come in handy when you might be in confusing situations. For example, you can find your IMEI number and give it to the police if your phone is lost.

1. *#21#

Find out information about calls, messages, and other data forwarding.

This combination will help you know if someone else receives or not your calls, messages, and other data.

2. *#62#

Find out information about a phone number that receives your data via forwarding settings.

This code will show the phone number that receives data (calls, messages, etc.) if the forwarding is on.

3. *#06#

Find out your IMEI number.

iPhone codes

The IMEI number is unique to your device and shows the manufacturing date, purchase date, warranty information, if it was repaired, etc. The same code is used to check that number for Android, Windows Phones, etc.

4. ##002#

Switch off forwarding.

The combination will switch off all current forwarding settings.

5. #31#phone-number

Hide your phone number from another user.

Make a call without another person knowing your phone number.

6. *#43#

Find out information about the call-waiting function.

iPhone codes

This will allow you to do further actions while talking on the phone with someone and another one calls you.

7. *43#

Activate call waiting.

iPhone codes

This combination will activate call-waiting.

8. #43#

Switch off call waiting.

On the other hand, this combination will deactivate (switch off) call-waiting.

9. *3001#12345#*

Find out all the information about a mobile network.

iPhone codes

This code will show you information about your SIM card, the efficiency of the mobile network, etc.

10. *#5005*7672#

Find out the phone number of your service center.

iPhone codes

This command shows you the phone number of your carrier’s service center. It might not always work on every device.

Have you ever used any of these codes? Do you know any other combination which might come in handy? Tell us in the comments.

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