20 People Who Made Comparisons To Explain Their Astonishment And We Were Surprised

Each measurement has its own scale, for example to measure the size, time or intensity of colors. But, without a doubt, it is more fun when we have a point of reference to amaze ourselves with what the world has in store for us. Finding similarities and differences puts us in the place of whoever took the photo and helps us surprise ourselves in the same way.

1. If you can only eat pizza once a week, it better be enough

2. “A Lego that I built as a child, based on a catalog image, versus the real set that I bought 15 years later”

3. “The same color of liquid in cubes of different shades creates an interesting comparison”

4. “Electrodes for my pool ionizer new compared to used ones”

5. “Store bought eggs vs. one that my hen laid this morning “

6. “My dad’s lunch box from the last 23 years vs. a new one that you received today “

7. “My dad’s phone at age 20 vs. mine at 20 “

8. “1847 cent versus current one”

9. “My phone in my wife’s pants pocket and my 18-month-old son’s pants pocket.”

10. “ Pretty big nugget . Hamburger to compare the size ”

11. “My toothpaste vs. my girlfriend’s “

12. “I put a photo of my daughter (7) and one of mine (26) side by side”

13. “Size comparison between a classic Mini and an Amarok that I found today”

14. “New needle vs. one after months of sewing “

15. “Same size, climbing and hiking shoes”

16. “I wasted an eraser to the point where I can’t use it anymore. Full draft to compare “

17. “These giant cones come from Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (apple for comparison)”

18. “Work boots, two years of use versus new ones”

19. “I think it’s fun to watch my dad at 12 in front of me at the same age.”

20. “The comparison between my well-used car key and a new one that I just made at the dealership”

Do you have a curious comparison in the photos of your phone? Share it with us and tell us your story.