19 Creations with which nature proves to be the most sublime artist

If at some point we have come to think that we are the best, the most innovative and talented when it comes to inventing things, there is a very powerful force that seems to more than prove otherwise. Nature has a great advantage in terms of artistic creations and it shows it in each of its corners with little or no effort.

1. This animal that looks like an insect on one side and a bird on the other is a flightless moth

2. This plant that seems to have more plants in its leaves is a real beauty

3. An amazing and colorful stick mantis

4. This beautiful bird found camouflage and food

5. This is how cute a little shrew looks

6. When all the colors of the seasons appear in a single tree at the same time

7. Wherever you go, this beautiful feathered friend will not go unnoticed with such a crest

8. The insects are not necessarily small, and if not, ask this bigeye

9. The  Portuguese caravel is as beautiful as it is dangerous

10. If you are looking for a flower that combines colors and perfection,  gazania is yours

11. Oddly enough, this is a  mushroom

12. Seeing a  hummingbird can be complicated, but the smile is guaranteed

13. Because of its size it could well be a mouse, but no, it is a  beetle

14. Apparently, there are also translucent plants, like this type of  succulent

15. This owl did not want to miss the opportunity to show those huge eyes to the world

16. This type of  beetles carry a small work of art on their back

17. This animal with a beautiful color combination is a moth

18. Perfection and symmetry turned into a flower

19. This is what the giant silky moth caterpillar looks like 

What animals or plants have you come across that have completely piqued your interest? What other captivating species do you know about?